Modeling Trên Blender và Maya


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Bạn cần Maya cho công việc và không thể từ bỏ được, Nhưng bạn vẫn muốn qua lại với em blender, vì em ấy tự do không bị ràng buộc thì đây là những điểm gần với nhau nhất giữa Maya và Blender:

Bài viết này cho các bạn một cái nhìn tổng quan về modeling tools của Blender và Maya. So sánh sự tương ứng giữ các công cụ modelling của hai chương trình

##Mesh Menu

Combine (Object Mode) 3D View Header > Object > Join or Ctrl J
Separate (Edit Mode) P > By Loose Parts
Extract (Edit Mode) P > Selection
Booleans Properties Window > Object Modifiers Tab > Add modifier > Boolean
Smooth Properties Window > Object Modifiers Tab > Add modifier > Subdivision Surface
Average Vertices (Edit Mode) 3D View Header > Mesh > Vertices > Smooth Vertex or W > Smooth
Transfer Attributes NOTE: UVs Only. Ctrl L > Join as UVs (active object is the uv set that is duplicated), also try Copy Attributes Addon.
Reduce Properties Window > Object Modifiers Tab > Add modifier > Decimate
Paint Reduce Weight 3D View Window Header > Weight Painting Mode
Cleanup can be done with a combination of the options within select menu of the 3D View and delete (X). Also helpful is an external addon called meshlint
Triangulate Ctrl T
Quadrangulate Alt J
Fill Hole F
Make Hole No Equivalent
Create polygon Ctrl Left Click (if preferences are switched to Left Click Select this will be reversed to Ctrl Right Click)
Sculpt Geometry 3D View Header > Sculpt Mode
Mirror Cut Closest is Properties Window > Object modifiers Tab > Mirror (Then using Clipping & Textures)
Mirror Geometry Ctrl M > Specify Axis

Chi tiết về Mesh Transfer –
Meshlint -

##Edit Mesh Menu

Keep Faces Together Blender calls this ‘Region’ for faces together, and ‘Individual’ for apart. Can use E for Region extrude, or Alt E for the option for ‘Individual’.
Extrude E. Extrude along a curve is currently an Addon.
Bridge F, or Ctrl E > Bridge Two Edge Loops. More options can be found with the LoopTools addon
Append To Polygon Highlight edges first then press F
Cut Faces Select all faces that you want included in the operation then Shift K
Split Polygon K
Insert Edge Loop Ctrl R then middle mouse to set quantity
Offset Edge Loop No Equivalent
Add Divisions W > Subdivide
Slide Edge Ctrl E > Edge Slide
Transform Component 3D View > Properties Sidebar > Transform
Flip Triangle Edge Ctrl E > Rotate Edge CW or Rotate Edge CCW
Spin Edges Ctrl E > Rotate Edge CW or Rotate Edge CCW
Poke Face No Equivalent
Wedge Face 3D View Tool Shelf SideBar > Spin (will spin around the 3D Cursor)
Duplicate Face Shift D
Connect Components Ctrl V > Vertex Connect or J. Connecting Edges is done by selecting the Edges then Ctrl E > Subdivide
Detach Components In vertex mode Ctrl V > Rip or V,
In Edge mode Ctrl E > Edge Split,
In Face mode Ctrl E > Edge Split (or Y for Split)
Merge Ctrl V > Remove Doubles
Merge To Centre Alt M > At Centre
Collapse Alt M > Collapse
Merge Vertex Tool With vertices selected in appropriate order Alt M > At First or Last.
Delete Edge/Vertex X > Dissolve or Limited Dissolve for an angle based deletion.
Chamfer Vertex Shift Ctrl B
Bevel Ctrl E > Bevel or Ctrl B
Crease Tool Shift E then move mouse to set. Also 3D View Properties Sidebar > Transform > Crease
Remove Selected Properties Sidebar > Transform > Crease > Enter 0
Remove All Select all then same as above
Assign Invisible Faces No direct equivalent, can assign a transparent material instead.

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